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SD Card Reader – Writer Module

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SD Card Module that helps you read or write data to your SD Memory card

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To begin with, every maker have come to the need to store data. With this SD Card Module you can store text or other data from readings or calculations in a compact SD Card. It is widely used to make a logger. For example, you can program your microcontroller to read some data from a temperature sensor every half hour and you can store the values in the SD Card to analyse them later.


  • SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader For Arduino
  • This SD Card module can make your SD application more easier and simple.
  • It is easily interfaced as a peripheral to your arduino sensor shield module.
  • Through programming, you can read and write to the SD card using your arduino.
  • Can be used for SD Card more eaisly, such as for MP3 Player, MCU/ARM system control.
  • All SD SPI pins output, MOSI, SCK, MISO and CS.
  • Support 5V/3.3V input
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