Sonoff MINI R4M Relay Module

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Sonoff’s new MINIR4M is a Matter smart home standard compatible mini Wi-Fi smart switch, that turns traditional switches into smart switches. You may use it to remotely control and automate lights and electronic devices, and thanks to its tiny size (only 33 x 40 mm), it fits in various mounting boxes, including the smallest EU-type/86 type/120 type mounting boxes.

Sonoff MINI R4M, also called as Sonoff Mini Extreme R4 Matter version, supports external switch control and easily connects to the momentary switch, door exit switch, SPDT switch, latching switch, and even dry contact sensors, just as previous version Sonoff Mini R2 or Mini R4 product version.

As a new feature, MINI R4M also has “detach relay” mode, which means the states of external switches and relay are separated, so operating the external switch button won’t affect the relay state. Even then, you may use the external switch to trigger a smart scene and operate another device, group of devices or automation.

Mini R4M is the Matter compatible product version with support for Bluetooth pairing. It can work with eWeLink app (just as MINIR4 product version) or can be connected to a local Matter compatible hub and work in local home automation system, without cloud connection. Thanks to the support of the Matter standard, it is compatible with Google Home, Alexa  and Apple Home.


Note: MINI R4M (as opposed to MINI R4) does NOT support “eWeLink-Remote“, a Sonoff’s proprietary Bluetooth protocol for local remote control, Bluetooth is only used in the Matter version for APP pairing.

Just as all other eWeLink relay modules, it supports scedules ON/OFF, power-on-state (ON / OFF / LAST STATUS / REVERSE STATUS), smart scenes (automations) and inching (AUTO OFF and AUTO ON) features. Also, to protect the electric network from overload, a power-on delay can be set for after power outage for devices.

The new Sonoff Mini Extreme R4 module is 40% smaller than MINI R2 and 60% smaller than Mini R3 product version.

Sonoff R4 Extreme supports voice control from Google Assistant (Google Home) and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

Sonoff R4 Wi-Fi relay is compatible with Home Assistant, IFTTT (needs eWeLink Advanced subscription) and SmartThings system, as well as, Apple Home.


Communication Protocol



Apple Home, Google Home, Matter

Requires Neutral Wire



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RoboMaterial Sonoff MINIR4M Matter Relay Module

Sonoff MINI R4M Relay Module

12,50  incl. VAT 24%

In Stock